Give here to empower our 550,000 trained local leaders to build COVID-resilient communities by investing in people who are making an impact in India and across the world.


Record numbers of daily COVID cases has plunged India into a horrific humanitarian crisis, pushing the most vulnerable people further into hunger and poverty.

While the message about how to stop the spread has been widely understood, the challenge now is to address the growing social issues that will have a deep and devastating impact.

Leveraging our 20 years of experience in India, The Hunger Project is working with 550,000 highly trained local leaders on the ground around the country and the world to create and enable COVID resilient communities, through building peace, trust and cohesion. 

With your support, we can enable people to understand their rights to protect themselves against domestic violence and slave labour, to prevent child marriage, and to adapt and respond powerfully to their own communities’ needs on the ground in this period of global uncertainty.

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We’re glad you asked. An angel investor usually puts their own money in small ‘startups’ just as they are getting off the ground and finding stability.

Angel investors are driven by something more than profit – motivated by factors such as altruism, the satisfaction of enabling ideas to become realities, and getting people and projects to succeed.

Angel investors tend to be interested in the entrepreneurial side of thinking. They have commitment and passion for people who are finding ways to make change in the world.

Since crowdfunding platforms are on the rise, opportunities for everyone to become an angel investor have really opened up, regardless of their budget.

When you invest with The Hunger Project, you provide funds with like-minded people or ‘angel groups’. Together your pool of money or ‘capital’ alongside other like-minded investors makes it possible for local leaders and communities to create sustainable projects that transform lives.

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