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In 2011 Business Chicks CEO Emma Isaacs met Cathy Burke, then CEO of The Hunger Project Australia. Emma decided then and there that they’d work together in some way. Out of that connection a partnership between the two organisations was born – a leadership and immersion program for Business Chicks Premium members - an opportunity for women to step up to their true leadership capacity.

Premium Members of Business Chicks were invited to apply and then a group was selected for the program in 2012. The first group of members travelled to Bangladesh and the second group headed to Uganda a few months later. They ventured on a journey to unlock their creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurialism in tandem with some of the poorest and most marginalised women in the world.

The trip participants worked to identify and abandon unconscious beliefs that once held them back. This experience was shared with supportive women who were all up for something big. The process led to further breakthroughs in their personal lives and their leadership skills.

Business Chicks and The Hunger Project believe in the same thing - supporting and developing women leaders and creating a space for women to connect, stretch and make a difference in the world.

Since then the Business Chicks Leadership program has travelled to Mexico, Malawi and Uganda creating long lasting connections along the way. Each year 20 powerful leaders from across Australia are selected to take part in this unique experience. 

If you are interested in taking part in the Business Chicks 2018 Senegal Journey, Apply Here. 


Tue 6th Feb

Arrive in Senegal. Welcome dinner to meet your fellow participants and the THP team

Wed 7th Feb

Introduction to THP Senegal: An introductory workshop to immerse yourself in the country, the work of THP and getting to know your fellow participants. Discussions about what are you looking to get out of the program and what can you expect to see, hear and learn throughout the week. 

Thu 8th Feb 

Visit Epicentre and meet village partners: Here you’ll get to see the work of The Hunger Project on the ground. You’ll meet the local staff and volunteers, be introduced to the programs they run, and meet people who have benefited from the programs including food security, microfinance, health, nutrition, adult literacy. You’ll hear their stories and have the opportunity to interact, ask questions and learn from their challenges and successe

Fri 9th Feb 

Return to epicentre and visit surrounding villages. We’ll go back to visit the villages in the epicentre catchment area. You’ll meet some of the families, hear their stories and visit their homes. It’s an opportunity to get an indepth insight of life around the epicentres. 

Sat 10th Feb

Visit Epicentre : Epicentres can vary depending on the needs of the community, the village leadership and the engagement of the partners. We’ll have the chance to see an epicentre at a different level of progress and understand the challenges faced, and the different approaches to solving these challenges 

Sun 11th Feb

Rest Day in Saly

Mon 12th Feb

Visit Epicentre: Here we will take our learnings from the previous visits and be able to experience the work of THP with a new lense of understanding. We will engage with the community leadership, the partners and the volunteers to expand our thinking and understandin

Tue 13th Feb

Full day workshop: What’s my vision for the future? What do I want to commit to for myself personally? Celebration dinner

Wed 14th Feb

Half day workshop: Consolidation of our learnings throughout the trip. What have I learned? About the work of THP? About the women and men in the communities? How can I take my learnings back into my day-to-day life, both business and personal? Travel back to Dakar for departure flights 

* Subject to Change