10 Last-minute fundraising ideas

With only two weeks left of the official fundraising period for Unleashed Women, now is the perfect time to start launching your last-minute fundraising activities. To help spark your imagination, here are 10 easy-to-organise, simple-to-execute fundraising ideas

  1. Host a dinner party- Invite some friends around, cook them a delicious dinner, and ask them for a donation in return for their meal. 
  2. Host a binge-watch partyfor something you might not normally watch (Keeping Up With The Kardashians for example) and ask your friends to sponsor you. 
  3. Get baking- Take some baked goods to work and ask for donations from your co-workers to try your delicious delights.
  4. Give up coffee- Why not donate the equivalent of your coffee money for the next 2 weeks? 
  5. Wine tasting night- Invite your mates around, drink some wine, talk about the wine and donate what you would have spent on going out! 
  6. Pie-eating competition? #YOLO!
  7. Open Garden Party - Invite your neighbours, friends and family, serve some cakes and tea in the garden, and collect donations for entry.
  8. Footy finals bets - Ask your footy-mad friends to donate to you instead of spending their money on bets – or at least matching their bets!
  9. Walk-a-thon – Ask people to sponsor you for each kilometre you walk.
  10. Casual clothes at work- Ask your boss to sign off on a casual clothes theme and charge your co-workers to participate. Why not Hawaiian shirts? They’re pretty Unleashed!

There’s still enough time to put your creative fundraising ideas in place, and empower women to end hunger.