815 million people live in hunger globally. We know the most effective way to end hunger for everyone is to empower women. 

Join our powerful movement of women and men globally who are unleashing their own potential to make a difference in the world, and end hunger, once and for all.

$54,569 raised

This August and September, we invite you to get a group together, and use your creativity, leadership and ideas to raise funds that will empower women around the world.  

The funds you raise will catalyse women in rural, remote villages globally to take actions like feeding their babies nutritious food, sending their girls to school, and creating businesses to support their families.  

In short, together we can empower women to end hunger – once and for all. 

Join us to unleash your potential and make a difference in the world.

Our mission is to end hunger by 2030. We don’t do band-aid solutions or handouts; we see people living in hunger as the solution, not the problem. In particular, women are the key to ending hunger in a sustainable way. The funds you raise could for example empower:

 mothers to give their babies and children access to quality healthcare and nutrition 

 girls to stay in school and not get married young, so they can reach their full potential 

 women to access microfinance loans and financial literacy training so they can start a business and become financially independent 

The Hunger Project's programs focus on empowering, educating and training women in rural, remote communities across Africa, India and Bangladesh. 

Get a team of friends or colleagues together, or do it soloSimply join online, create a team or individual profile, and we’ll send you everything you need to get started.  

Unleash your creativity! Dream up fun ways to inspire people to make a donation. We have plenty of resources available to help you reach your fundraising target. (First tip is to start by donating $20 to your own page; people are more likely to donate if there’s already an amount there!) 

The funds you raise will have real impact: they will enable The Hunger Project to empower, educate and train women in rural, remote communities in Africa, India and Bangladesh. 

For every $1,000 raised for Unleashed Women you could:

 Educate 800 mothers about locally available nutritious food they can feed their babies and prevent malnutrition.

 Train 4 Elected Women in India to be effective local council members and ban child marriage in their villages.

Provide 16 women with microfinance loans and financial literacy training so they can start small businesses, earn an income, and support their families. 

These amounts represent some ways your funds will make a difference. They will be used where they are most needed.