Unleashed Women is back for 2018!

We’re excited to launch the 3rd annual Unleashed Women for 2018. It’s a powerful global movement of people empowering women to end hunger. Building on the success of previous years, we invite women and men to join us to raise funds to empower, educate and train women to end hunger and poverty in their communities globally.

As our CEO Melanie Noden says, “The Unleashed Women movement has expanded in recognition that women and men are interested in empowering women. Through Unleashed Women, we’re unleashing the potential of people everywhere to make a difference in the world.? In 2018, we encourage people to get a team together and fundraise collectively – it’s more fun that way, and you’ll get extraordinary results. Being part of Unleashed Women is a demonstration that you’re a global citizen who cares about lifting women up and ending hunger once and for all.”

So will you join us? You can get a team a together or do it solo. Join today at www.unleashedwomen.org.au Together, we can empower women to end hunger, once and for all.