Maggie's Story

The opportunity to create a vision for a future different to the past ignited Maggie’s leadership. She now runs the primary school in the Mpigi community in Uganda, and teaches 79 children.  

Years back, when Maggie first heard about The Hunger Project building a community hub in partnership with her village, she wanted to contribute. She didn’t have any money, but she knew she was strong and could carry water to help make mud bricks.  

So she committed to carrying 7 large jerry cans of water a day, about 180 litres a week (while having an 8 month old baby strapped to her back). In return, she would receive a small wage. 

She was so excited to have money for the first time and be able to contribute to the construction in a meaningful way. 

Once the building was complete, she set her mind to learning to write her name at The Hunger Project’s adult literacy class.  

“I started telling the other women all the things I was learning, and they came to class too. Eventually I mobilised all of them. Previously only 70% of women in my village were literate, now 98% can write their names!” 

Next, her vision was to send her own child to school. She achieved this, and in doing so discovered her real talent was educating others, which is why she became a teacher.  

Through Maggie’s clear vision, she is shaping a different future for herself, her family and her community.  

“Thank you for the gift of life.”