Deborah and Miles Protter

Fundraise for The Hunger Project

Power up Kachindamoto community

Thank you for supporting us and enabling the Kachindamoto community to reach their final milestone in achieving self-reliance. This is the final push for the community, with your partnership, we can support the implementation of electricity for 11,334 people in Malawi.

The Cost: AU$43,864 to procure plant equipment, instalment, connection and final checks. 

Bringing electricity to the community means so much more than solely powering a maize mill. It creates a more equitable society particularly for women. With electricity, women’s lives are transformed through the reallocation of hours spent milling maize, to training and educating themselves, running small businesses and becoming financially independent, or supporting their community to continue to develop. For families, it means kids (and parents) can also study at night.

It provides income, opportunity and access as well as providing the community with a sustainable resource so they and continue leading their own development ensuring a self-reliant future for generations.

Your tax-deductible donation will go a long way to helping to power up the Kachindamoto community in their final push in achieving sustainable self-reliance. Thank you.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Mostyn Family Foundaiton




Eve Howell

Hope this help with the final push -well done in getting this far.


April Jorgenson And Jayson Oates


Nick Cernotta

Great initiative that will Make a huge difference to the community


Anya Stephens


Nina Genikis

I meant to do this before now, sorry! It's a great push and I really hope it works!


Husain Nazir

All the best Deb and Miles, So proud of your motivation, drive and generous hearts. Insiyah


Christine White


Kate Joel

Good luck. Have a great swim for a great cause.



May all your lights shine


Jenny Mcallister


Rika Masen

Great work you’re doing to a worthy cause


Angus Robertson


Donna Geyer

Good luck!


Kelly Cavan

This is so great!!


Nicola Bailey

Happy Christmas Deborah and Miles, thanks for your hard work for a good cause


Prudence Watson


Julie Copson

Congratulations Deb and Myles - a terrific project 🙏


Julia Zehnder