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Fundraise for The Hunger Project

Invest in The Hunger Project: Partner with Akode

GJK Facility Services has been investing in The Hunger Project since 2015. They’ve continued to show long term, committed partnership with The Hunger Project’s work. They first invested in the community of Bougue to bring it to Self-Reliance and now they’re committing to do the same for the community of Akode, Ghana.  

You can join in their mission to end hunger in Akode today. Your investment could make a massive difference:  

  • $50 could fund functional adult literacy training for two women in Akode so they can learn to read and write 
  • $100 could empower one Women’s Empowerment workshop in Akode. With an average of 60 participants, this program fosters an environment that empowers women to take up strategic positions in society and decision-making bodies. These women become advocates for human rights within their communities 
  • $150 could train three committee leaders in Akode. These leaders will drive and stimulate change according to the community-led vision for the end of hunger. They will lead the community to make sure that its vision is realised
  • $200 could train one HIV/AIDS Animator in Akode. This volunteer Animator work with community members to combat misinformation about HIV/AIDS, free the community from social taboos, attitudes and behaviours that fuel the epidemic, and they can protect themselves and their families