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Fundraise for The Hunger Project

Hello lovelies! It’s incredibly painful to see how much food we throw out and waste and how many people are suffering from Emotional Eating and eating disorders! My work is helping women who are sick of struggling with emotional eating to take back their power by making peace with food and its ironic that there are people starving on the other side of the world! I believe that its high time Australians rethink their assumptions towards food, waste and the sustainability of what we put in our mouths. For a family starving in India, Africa, Bangladesh and Latin America, however, you and I are the extremely wealthy, as we order or buy whatever food we want, whenever we want, then waste it, and finally retire to our comfortable beds in homes with two cars, running water and electricity, only to do it all again the next day. I am fundraising for The Hunger Project Australia. I would love you to join me in the quest of Feeding the Hungry in India, Africa, Bangladesh and Latin America, Your tax-deductible donation will go a long way to help end hunger and poverty. Thank you for your support. Irena Geller Emotional Eating Coach

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Irena Geller


Irena Geller