Jo Mercer

Fundraise for The Hunger Project

New York Marathon 4th November 2018 - my first marathon

I am taking the opportunity whilst running the 42.195 km to raise money for The Hunger Project Australia, an incredible charity that the Mercer Family Foundation strongly supports. Their innovative and holistic approach to ending hunger in rural communities in India, Africa and Bangladesh is inspiring.   Their approach starts by empowering women, as they bear the majority of responsibility for meeting the basic needs of the family.  Studies show that women who are empowered and earn their own income spend 90% of it on their families.

Your tax-deductible donation will go a long way to help end hunger and poverty.  It has the power to help educate and train women living in hunger and povery in financial literacy, business skills, practical job skills and entrepreneurship. 

Thank you for your support, and wish me luck.



Thank you to my Sponsors


Philip Brass

goodluck . enjoy. David, Mitch and Phil


Mary, Mike And Phil

Good luck Jo with the run! What a great cause!


Marcus Blackmore

Best of luck with your run Joanne ,


Steve Callister


Martin Johnson

GDL wishing you all the best for your run in NYC.


John Nacccarella

Good luck Jo, great charity..


Anthony Bianco




Tim Clark

Good luck Jo. Enjoy every minute of First Avenue.


Karen Brewster

Good luck Jo, you will smash it!


Amber Moore


Daniel Agostinelli

All the best Jo!


Vanessa Milasinovich

Hope you have a good run - ENJOY !


Judy Coomber

Good luck Jo! Best Wishes Judy Coomber


Jo And Ken Urquhart

Well done!


Handbags Team

Good luck Jo! You'll be amazing! Love the handbags team XX


Allan Winstanley

Good luck Jo


Michelle Baumann

Good Luck Jo. We'll all be thinking of you!!


Tina Demidenko

Great effort in the fund raiser and no doubt in the tun too. Tinax


Prue Fogarty


Tara Hicks

Wow, what a physical and mental act of strength!! Good luck Jo!! I’ll be cheering you on from Melbourne xx


Renee Stasios

Congratulations Jo! Glad to hear the run went well x


Joanie Mitvalsky

I am so proud of you Jo ❤️


Laura Urquhart

Well done to you both! Rather you than me xx


Catherine Carr


Sandy Mcdonald

You can do it Jo I will be cheering you on xx