How does the program work?

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The Hunger Project's immersion programs work in multiple ways - the first phase begins before you even step foot in a THP Program Country. Through the process of engaging in your fundraising and investment, many are surprised by their sense of accomplishment, community and expanded leadership.

 Arriving in one of countries where The Hunger Project works and meeting our village partners for the first time, you will be embraced in one of the most awakening welcoming ceremonies you will ever experience.

 This is a truly unique opportunity to understand resilience and courage by asking questions like: “What does it take to move a community from being at the mercy of hunger to stocking a food bank with enough to resources to feed 10,000 people in the lean season?” and “What does it mean to a woman who once couldn’t read or write, to now own her own business and be a leader in her community?”   

This is not textbook learning. Through our facilitated workshops and your own personal reflection time, you will create powerful meaning that will shape your vision for the world.

By participating in The Hunger Project Australia’s Programs, you will not only have a truly unique immersion experience, you will return with clear steps to enter into the next phase of your leadership.

You mention leadership, can you tell me a little more about what being a leader means?

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We believe that everyone has the ability to be a great leader. We see this in the women who can’t read or write, who takes the actions necessary to bring water or electricity to her village. That is why we view reallocating significant resources and raising the money to participate in the program as a leadership act.

It takes leadership to step out of your comfort zone and step into the future, knowing that you’re going to make a difference. You are tapping into the inner knowing that this needs to be done, that you will make a difference, and you are the person who can do this. By doing so you will have a life changing experience and get to connect with likeminded people here in Australia, and meet the most extraordinary women making a difference for generations to come.

Why do I need to invest or fundraise?

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Our program is not only an opportunity for you to extend your leadership it is also a financial commitment to the work of The Hunger Project. You must personally invest or raise a minimum of $10,000. This money goes directly to The Hunger Project  and does not cover any costs for participating in the program on the ground (see Terms & Conditions for details). 

We are quite intentional about setting a fundraising or personal investment amount that stretches you. Playing small won’t serve you. We will be meeting women and men who take extraordinary actions each and every day to ensure their families and communities are hunger free. Imagine the courage and stretch for a woman to take out a small loan and set up a little roadside stall.

At The Hunger Project we see personal investment and fundraising as a leadership act. This process is the start of your journey. If raising or investing $10,000 isn’t much of a stretch for you then we encourage you to commit to a higher fundraising target as your first leadership act.

Stretching ourselves is an act of consciousness, solidarity and connection. We want you to be able to sit with our partners in the village, look them in the eye and authentically know in your heart that you are their partner.

$10,000 seems like a huge amount, how will I be able to raise that amount of money?

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We understand that the thought of raising $10,000 is daunting. Part of the journey is unlocking our ability and our resources and getting creative. Firstly, get clear on your ‘why’. Why this is important to you. Women in villages go through this same process. Can they really be a person who can make things happen?

It’s amazing what can happen once the commitment has been made by you, you will find that it becomes your reality, and a new world opens up to you. When you share your reason for doing this from the heart, you will capture attention from the most amazing places.

The ‘how’ will be different for every participant. Past participants have held events, run marathons, sold unwanted things. Get your friends involved, they will have ideas that could help you. We will share the challenges, and we are here and happy to be a sounding board and a supporter in your journey. We will also help you keep track of the money you are raising through your personalised fundraising page on The Hunger Project Australia website.

If I am already an investor in The Hunger Project will I still need to fundraise or invest the full amount?

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Yes. As mentioned above, this program is designed to have you lift yourself out of your comfort zone and take actions that you wouldn’t normally take.

Having you invest in our work is always such an honour - be it before, during or once the program has been completed. Funding the end of hunger will take more than ‘business as usual’ and we are committed to empowering leaders everywhere to seeing what they are truly capable of.

What will happen if I don’t raise $10,000?

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If you don’t raise the money before the due date, we will discuss options with you whereby we may ask you to make up the difference to achieve your goal. If you are not able to do this you will not be able to participate in the in-country immersion.

The money you raise will still go to fund the amazing work of The Hunger Project. You’ll be included in the family of The Hunger Project Australia and invited to events, kept updated and be offered other chances to be involved.

Does the $10,000 include all my travelling costs?

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No, in addition to the AU$10,000 you will need to cover your own airfares, vaccinations, visa and insurance costs. You will also be required to pay on-ground costs of AU$3,500 prior to departure.

I’m a very busy person; realistically how much time will I need to participate?

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You will need to commit to the 3 pre program calls, the immersion in country (6 days, however we recommend you add a day either side of the program dates as well), and it is essential that you attend the re-entry call on return. Each of the calls is one hour.

If you are fundraising, then you will need to dedicate time to this especially as you will be managing your fundraising alongside your work, personal or family life. We recommend you plan your ideas/event to work with you.

Those who have a clear plan and dedicate time consistently to their fundraising goals  are the most successful.

Is there any fundraising support?

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The Hunger Project Office is always here to support you with understanding all there is to know about our work. We have a team of fundraisers who will be here to help you on your journey. The best support though comes from the other participants and sharing your journey on the calls. 

We have a fundraising platform built into our website that means you will be able to not only see how much you have raised but track how the group is going as well.

We will send you a Fundraising Pack to help you get started with your fundraising once accepted on the program. On each of our Program calls you will have the opportunity to ask for help or guidance

Where does the money I raise go?

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The money you raise is invested in our program countries, where it is needed most.Your impact will be far and wide as the money you raise will be invested across all our Program Countries in Africa, India, Bangladesh and Latin America. The funds are spent where the need is greatest: food security, nutrition, microfinance and income generation, education, health and sanitation, or clean water.  

Your money and leadership enables our village partners to end their own hunger. You give your time and resources so that they can have the tools and skills they need to take control of their futures. For more information on The Hunger Project’s impact visit

The Hunger Project is also registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient with the Australian Tax Office meaning all donations over $2 are tax deductible

What happens if I cancel or can no longer attend?

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If for some reason you are no longer able to attend the trip, your commitment to fundraising or investing the full amount still applies and your fundraising efforts are non-refundable. Your money will already be impacting women, men and children across the world before you even leave Australia.

Places on the Immersion trips are limited, and for this reason, having a place on the trip means ensuring that you are able to meet and/or exceed this target.

You may be liable for covering the on-ground costs if you happen to withdraw from the Program two months prior to departure. Please see the full terms and conditions.