Ami Assigal

Business Chicks Ghana

My Why


This year I want to start to give back a little bit of what I have learnt over the last 15 years in the Healthcare Business space, through personal growth and my continuous journey and really start to find what all of this striving, achieving and day to day ‘Busieness’ meant to me.


I made the choice to become a single mum over 5 years ago and with that came a lot of challenges, self-doubt, lack of motivation, questioning of what I am doing and whether I could actually do it at all. Like most women, mums, grandmothers and girlfriends we all go through these periods and how we overcome them is something truly wonderful. We are all stronger than we think we are!

When the Business Chicks came to me with the Leadership Immersion Program that they had put together with The Hunger Project, I thought ‘you know what’ this is my chance’.

Listening to others and sharing my story, I hope to be a part of what empowers the women of Ghana to encourage self-reliance, self-awareness and love, motivation, and simply change the words  ‘can’t’ to ‘can’, ‘have to’ to ‘choose to’, ‘get to’ and ideas into creations to build confidence, and to organise communities to take charge of their own development.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Perfect Practice

Hi Ami, Hope all goes well with your trip and it's a huge success. A small token of our support for the great work you do. From the team at Perfect Practice


Ami Assigal


Jamsheed Wadia

This is really awesome Ami. Wishing you a ton of fulfilment and success during your time there. What an awesome experience for next gen’s leaders.


Eddie Wang