Eliza Wager

Business Chicks 2019 India Journey

With your help I can make a difference to the lives of women across India

Indian women are some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised people in the world.

For over 30 years the Hunger Project has been working in India on programs to empower women and their communities. One such program encourages women to join elected village councils. The leadership skills that the program develops in this group that was traditionally denied a voice has led to systemic change in areas such as sanitation, education, health care and food security. This self-reliant action is empowering women to be part of the change making process and respected leaders in their communities.

My motivation
As a long time supporter of the Hunger Project I’m impressed with the high level of sustained impact they’ve achieved in disadvantaged communities in 22 countries across the globe.

I feel privileged to be travelling to India to participate in the Hunger Project’s Women in Leadership program. I’ll be part of a group of female leaders embarking on a fully immersive journey in February 2019. I feel that my knowledge and expertise will benefit these women and the experience will be invaluable to me personally and professionally.

This is going to be an adventure of a life time, but I need your support.

Now this is where you come in….
I have been set the goal of raising $10,000 to help the Hunger Project. This money is used to deliver these transformational projects that I am excited to contribute to.

I ask you to donate to my fundraising efforts (you are not paying for my trip or experience - I fund that myself). Throughout my fundraising campaign I’m planning some innovative activities that will be fun, creative and meaningful, just like me!

Thank you for your generosity and support of me and the Hunger Project.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Paella Event

Event at the Sydney Seafood School


Palace Movie Night



Thank you for organising such a great activity.


Keith & Sue Wager

Great cause, almost there. We are very proud of you.


Matt Cullen

Proud of you taking on this challenge and the work you are doing to raise awareness of the challenges women face in disadvantaged communities. Happy to provide support for this cause, Matt


Spin Event


Emma Welsh

What a great project Liza! India is a wonderful country but terribly sad to see the poverty. It is shocking and this project will be very worthwhile. Despite the poverty, we loved India! and I know you will too.


Brendan And Lucy Jordan

So proud of you, wonderful cause xx


Jo Harrison

good luck with you fundraising. So very worthwhile and what I’m sure will be a wonderful experience.


Caroline Knight

I believe in you - always have and always will ... sometimes we have to step into the unknow to face our fears and I am so proud of you love you


Pike Family

You did it!!! Congratulations on kicking your goals but. This is a wonderful cause Eliza and you will certainly leave a massive footprint over there.


Tim Dalton


Josephine Spener

Well done choosing such a worthwhile project and good luck xx


Luke Clarke


Deborah Claxton

Congratulations Eliza on meeting your goal of raising $10K for such an amazing NFP. Have an amazing trip.


Cadbury Chocolates


Elwyn & Silvana Elms

Congratulations on your initiative, Eliza. It is such a worthwhile cause


Sara Rhodes

Well done Eliza! What a great cause :-)


Bec And Craig Bennett

Great Job Eliza !!


Glenn,julie, Brittany & Jenna Turnbull

GO ELIZA.....as a proud Dad of two successful daughters I can see how your mentoring and knowledge will empower these women to provide better lives for their communities.


Denise Cheng

Great cause - and go you for your incredible fundraising efforts :)


Tania Britton

Go you!!


Tanya Ridgewell

Wonderful cause. Best wishes and good luck Eliza.


Ali And Dylan

So impressed with your efforts for this cause Eliza!!


Mark Jones

Love your work Eliza!


Marianne Vulic

You go girl! xx


Justine O'byrne

So inspirational. What a great cause and adventure. Truly generous.


Renee Lahey-evans

Such a wonderful cause. Best of luck Eliza!


Tony Cullen

Great idea for women's education in India, we will support you in anyway.


Phil Gorman


Ange, Mark, Ruby And Joe Xx

Namaste 🙏🏻


Barbara & Sophie Granger


Heather Galvin

What a wonderful project, and feeling so inspired by not only your philanthropy, but the adventure and putting yourself out there!


Sadaf Mayar

Great work, well done!


Fiona J

Wishing you every success for this journey :)


Erin Johnson

Great work Eliza, you’re amazing x


Makisa Appleton

So fantastic that you are doing this! Best of luck with the fundraising and looking forward to seeing updates and pics of your adventure. :)


Tracy Miles

So proud Eliza this is a fantastic project & cant wait to hear about your adventure!


Sean & Grace Kelly

What a great cause! Well done!


Emma Ottery

Great cause and good luck xx


Denise Telford

Wow, Eliza - what an amazing experience this will be! Well done! You will no doubt leave such a positive impact on so many people's lives. Bets wishes for the experience! x denise.


David Haysom Mcdowell


Alison Abbott

Sounds fabulous Eliza. Best of luck. Alison


Abby Ballard


Whitney Ballard


Shaunagh Higginson


Bre Scott


Sata Fox


Tania Rizoski

Great work Eliza, you are very inspirational.


Stefan Simunic

Great cause Eliza! It will be an amazing experience.


Amy Braddon

Well done, Eliza! Great cause! Amazing effort! :) x


Vickee Aspden


Bernie Murphy

Sounds like an amazing opportunity,




Liz & Uli Mannchen

WE ARE SO BEHIND THIS!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to let us go with you in this!!! We love you!!


Kaitlin Passey

Thanks for organizing tomorrow's event! Looking forward to having some fun (and pain) :) xx


Thea Kennedy


Kerrie Stuckey


Amelia Doss


Kaitlin Passey