Ethan Atkins

The Hunger Project Australia Youth Board

THPA Youth Board

Placing a greater focus on the provision of education and empowerment, THP challenged the status quo, shifting perspectives and the approach towards many social constraints across the developing world. This methodology and approach to me strikes home by moving away from reliance towards self reliance and sustainability.  Through its' unique 'epicentre' strategy THP has been able to significantly improve desirability, scalability and feasability of its' programs and initiatives to deliver effective and sustainable outcomes. This is a unique quality of THP and its work. Empowering individuals to drive personal and community change creates greater engagement to the programs, methodologies and outcomes; creating capacity and appetite for change. Understanding the true drivers of poverty and hunger have enabled THP to understand the wider dynamics of these social issues, the wide breadth of causes and deliver a larger scope of effective solutions. Shifting the approach shifts the age-old give a man a fish colloquialism to 'teach a woman, a man, a child, heck! the whole community to fish and you'll feed them for a lifetime". THP drives sustainable empowerment and diversity of though to drive social benefit; improving access to general opportunities  to combat poverty and hunger.   

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Ethan Atkins