The Hunger Project x Decjuba #gamechanger Program Uganda 2020

The Hunger Project Uganda 2020

WOW, to be sitting here writing this, grateful feels like an understatement to describe just how blessed I am to be given both the opportunity and responsibility, to participate in The Hunger Project in Uganda in May 2020. I am excited to be a #gamechanger, travelling alongside our amazing CEO Tania and selected Decjuba team as well as The Hunger Project team.

From the day I stepped into Decjuba, over 3years ago, and first learnt about The Hunger Project, it stirred something in me, that has been the driving force, that has gotten me to where I am today. I am so excited to #bethechange, in helping these disadvantaged communities, who’s struggles seem so many, yet their sheer determination is their driving force to not only create and have a vision, but to then persevere through those challenges to see that vision come to fruition in becoming self reliant. These communities inspire me on a daily basis. 

I feel it’s my privelage,to be given the opportunity to immerse myself in the day to day life of these amazing people and see firsthand how they approach their hurdles, in order to predominately empower the women of these communities, but to also educate the communities as a whole, in working towards solving their own hunger. 
i am excited at the prospect of not only bringing back all of the things I learn while participating in THP, and being able to share my experiences, but to also leave a "little piece of Fee" in Uganda.
I am passionate and commited to fundraising for The Hunger Project Australia, and my goal is $5000.
Your tax deductible donations will go a long way to help end hunger and poverty.
I hope you can share in my journey, and can donate as much as your willing.?
Thankyou for your support
Light and Peace
Fee x

Thank you to my Sponsors


Dimity Mitsis

Good luck Fee. This will be a memory that stays with you forever.


Niki Harris

You are amazing ❤️❤️



Love you Fee!!!!


Melissa Phillips

Send my love to Uganda xxx


Heather Smith

God luck


Nicole Desousa

Good Luck Fi, can’t wait to do this amazing journey with you!


Karen Penny

So proud of you gorgeous You will make a huge impact xx


Bec Herring


Fiona Graham


Amy Mckinnon

You are incredible, be the change you wish to see in the world. Good luck 🙏🏿


Lewis Norman




Abby Dwyer

Wishing you all the best for your THP trip! Hope it is as life changing for you as it was for me! 🙌🏻


Ben Lister

Get it guurrrl.


Atlas Mckinnon

Good Luck Gma, I’m excited to hear all your stories when you return. Mum and I are very proud and excited to see your personal growth from this life changing experience. From me to you, just know that the most magical experiences in life often come when you’re least expecting them. This is it!