Kaitlyn Abrahall

Business Chicks 2019 India Journey

Let's End World Hunger by 2030!

That’s the mission of The Hunger Project Australia, and I am proud to stand with them and play my part to help.

In February of 2019, myself and 19 other female leaders are travelling to a village in India to see first-hand the challenges that people face on a day to day basis. We are going over to hear their stories, and act as a catalyst for change through knowledge and empowerment. The people living in these communities deserve to have basic hygiene, fresh water, and to know that they will not starve – but I really need your help!  

As a female in Australia, I live in a world where I am in control. We have endless opportunities here, and we are so lucky to have the resources we have. Imagine you couldn’t read or write and you were elected to local government. This is their reality. There are schools without teachers, health centres without nurses, and locally elected leaders who are elected but have no voice or power. Corruption and lack of accountability also create issues contributing to poverty… and a huge opportunity for breakthroughs.

The Hunger Project’s overall goal is to develop female leaders in India who have previously been denied information, and a voice in decision making – we want women to lead the community and to develop their own processes that give them basic services such as water, sanitation, education, health care and an efficient food system.  

Please note, I am fully funding the costs of my trip, the money you donate is going 100% to The Hunger Projects continuous work. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Thank you so much for your support!

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Bowls Day & Greyhounds Fundraiser


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Mum & Dad Xo

So proud of you!



Really proud of you Kaitlin


Khom's Farm

Donation made by 'Khom's Farm' who so kindly purchased a race at the Greyhounds Fundraiser night!


Laureen Bourne


Carmel Boyd

Congratulations Kaitlyn. What an amazing opportunity to help the women of India. Best of luck with your fundraising and safe travels next year.


Kaitlyn Abrahall


Management And Staff At Phillipsons

Very inspirational Kaitlyn - looking forward to helping you reach your target.


David And Ruth Read

Your smile, friendly nature and have a go attitude make a difference to all you encounter Kaity. Enjoy the experience and know we’ll be thinking of you.



You're an inspiration Kait. I am very proud of the leap you are taking to build resources in a country that is less fortunate than ours. A huge gain for women and humankind. Enjoy the adventure.


Deborah O'neill

Hello Miss Kait, so incredibly proud of you! You are an amazing young lady and will make an influential leader and woman in business! Love you 😘


Tom Hogben


Kelly Gray

Well done Kaitlyn. What a great opportunity to share, grow & learn. Enjoy the journey!


Kelly Mitchell


Edward Treadwell


Jenny Scoble


Matthew Grutt



Such a great opportunity to help change lives - well done Kaitlyn


Carol Landy

Good luck


Lynne Mckay

Wishing you and all involved the very best for your trip Kaitlyn. This will be an amazing opportunity to see first hand how people who are not as fortunate as ourselves live from day to day. It is through projects like this that we hope to see the changes necessary to end world hunger.


Andrea Killeen


Bernie Smith

What a wonderful opportunity Kaitilyn to be able to share in guiding and advising others. It will be an amazing experience. All the best.



Hey Miss Kait - what a worthy goal. Well done making the team (never in doubt) and the very best of luck in your fundraising efforts.


Maggie Kwan

Good stuff Katy cakes!


Sue V


Tania Van Der Voort

Top effort!


Tim Wise

Great work Superstar!!!


Doris Currie


Meagan Harper

What a wonderful experience for you and a powerful message to those you are helping! Good luck xx


Nikki Robertson

You’re an absolute superstar xo