Business Chicks 2019 India Journey



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KP x


Im going to be brave and prove myself wrong (& right)

I am fundraising for the Hunger Project Australia.

Myself and 19 other remarkable female leaders have embarked on a journey that will take us to India to support the work of The Hunger Project as part of the 2019 Business Chicks Indian Journey.

Why: Life throws curve balls and wake up calls and one of  mine came last year when my dad died of cancer. He was such a driven human who constantly stood up for what he believed in and what he thought was right even when it wasn't the popular decision. He fought for change in his local community and in causes that he strongly believed in and it  made me question my stance, beliefs  and place in the world. So here I am stepping way out of my comfort zone to ensure that I make a positive impact in whatever way, shape or form that is.

Your tax- deductible donation will go a long way to empower women to enact change within their own communities to create a brighter future without hunger or poverty. I thank you for your support.




$25 could provide workbooks and chalk to a nursery school in Africa so they can continue to learn to read and practice writing

$45 could fund a VISION, COMMITMENT, ACTION WORKSHOP for a community

$50 can provide anti-malarial bed nets to five families.

$100 is the size of the first micro-finance loan for a budding female entrepreneur. This is enough to purchase a pig to farm or purchase equipment to start a small business

$120 could train 40 people in effective farming techniques

$260 is the cost of training one elected women's representative for a year to strengthen leadership capabilities OR it could provide 4 people with entrepreneurial training and a microfinance loan

$500 could allow a community to purchase food processing equipment reducing the amount of time it takes to prepare dietary staples. This allows more time to spend earning an income and educating their children

$1,300 is the cost of training 1 elected women representative for 5 years across her tenure in government

$5,000 can train 25 HIV animators in Africa. AIDS is 100% preventable. If empowered with accurate information, and freed from social taboos, attitudes and behaviours that fuel the epidemic, the people of Africa have proven that they can protect themselves and their families.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like additional information on THP or how my fundraising journey is going.




Thank you to my Sponsors


Catherine Hutchings

Hope it is a very successful journey Kate , xx


Travis Dillon


Allan Trebilcock


Tony Zimmermann


Anna & Simon Lawrenson

Go Kate! You really are Super Woman. We love you xx Annie & Sime


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Louise Riggs

Fantastic job


Tim Hyde

Good luck Kate, looks like a great cause.


Kate Phillips

Aim for 100 from 100 in 100. 99 to go


Philip Mullen

Hi Kate, Hope you enjoy your time in India. Phil


Jackie Howard

You go for it Kate, keep being extraordinary With love for this life changing journey xxxx


Megan Phillips

Way to go Kato. Proud of ya!!


Bryan Fry

Outstanding initiative which deserves support. :)


Helen Daily

goodonya Kate!


Cornes Toyota


Ole Houe

Great work Kate. Good luck.


Wendy Trebilcock

All the best xx


Pagan Davies

What an amazing cause - you go girl!! 👍🏻 Would love to be able to donate more but house moving costs are mounting!


Rosalie Haran

Good Luck!


Steph Buller


Ian Armstrong



Your life is an incredible journey. Very proud of you my gorgeous inspirational friend xx



Best wishes Kate.


Kimberley Hoepner

Such an amazing thing you’re doing KP! All the best x


Margaret Gibson

You’re an amazing person Kate!


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All the best KP x


Diane Hinrichsen

Love ya work Kate, all the best xx


Prue Turnbull

Go Kate!!!


Carla Stansborough

Have an amazing trip Kate


Varsha Chandurkar

Great Cause ! Keep it up your good work Kate


Robert Goode


Pete Rees



KP, you're an inspiration. This will be an amazing experience and a life changing opportunity for both you and those you help.




Lisa Howarth

Great work! :)


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Kristine Colliver

Go you good thing. Wishing you growth, learning and soulful moments Wish it was more. Kx


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Michael Camac

Good luck.




Theresa Buchanan

You go girl!


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Go Kate! You got this xxx


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Good luck champ!!


Virginia Francis

What a wonderful project Kate! Wishing you & the team all the very best. V


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Good on you Kate - what a great journey xx


Jacki Oliver

You got this Kate Phillips. Shining your light so that others can find their way! You rock :) xx


Pat, Russ And Lola

Go mum