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Business Chicks Ghana

Getting excited for Ghana 2020!

I am excited to share some big news…I have been selected to join the Business Chicks Leadership Program with The Hunger Project, travelling to Ghana in April 2020. 

The Hunger Project is a global not-for-profit organisation which believes that the hungry themselves are the resource in ending hunger and poverty. They empower women and men living in rural villages in Africa, India, Bangladesh and Latin America to end their own hunger, by unlocking their creativity, leadership, entrepreneurialism and productivity.  They build leaders, in particular, women leaders.

I cannot wait to work with The Hunger Project, shifting the mindsets of women and men of Ghana, transforming them into leaders for the sustainable end of hunger.

I have committed to fundraise $10,000 on behalf of The Hunger Project as part of a Leadership Immersion Program and I NEED YOUR HELP to reach my target! Please give generously to this very noble cause – every dollar makes a difference!

PS I’d like to remind you that ALL donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support!!


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Gavin & Lou Farrell

So, so proud of you Kel. This is an enormous undertaking and we know you will give it 110 %.


J&k Farrell




Jo Gary Norrish

hi kelli, would love to hear how it all goes and see the photos after luv jo and gary


Garry Hetherington

Together we can eliminate cucumbers.


Tanya Glamuzina

U go girlfriend


Lloyd & Trish Lusty

This is Kiwi dollars isn't it


Doc And Dee Baxter

What a wonderful opportunity for you to use your expertise in a meaningful way. Stay safe and enjoy.



Super proud of you Kel!! ❤


Joselyne Tan

Beauty, brains and a heart to change the world! What an achievement Kel!


Russell Godsall

Kelli this is an outstanding demonstration of personnel commitment to make a real change for a better world, thank you. Russell G


Simon Byrne


Matt Nile

Nice work Kelli!


Move For Mental Health

So proud of you girl!


John Ivulich

Will be a great life experience for a great cause. You should be proud of your achievement. Well done Kelli


Regan Jenaway

Such great work you're doing Kel! You should be very proud.


Shane Farrell

Well done Kelli Good job


Lisanne Mcginley


Stevan Green

Good luck Kelli!


Kate Dunne

What an adventure! You're amazing Kelli Dene!


Jemma Henderson


Martina Mccabe

Go kFaz!


Flic & James Woollett

Onya mate, youre a truly great human being. What an amazing experience this will be for you.


Kelli Farrell


Sin Wei Lim

You go girl :)


Ashleigh Woodley

Kel this is amazing!


Merri Blakemore

So proud of all the work you do Kelli, you are an inspiration!!




Shirley Erb


Clare Armstrong

Amazing Kel!!! Amazing opportunity!!


Nic Chirico

You’re an inspirational woman 👍🏻


Peter Draper


Renae Hughes

Go girl!


Morto Morton

Great work Kel


Catherine Stevenson

Fantastic achievement to be selected on this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to hearing about all the great work being done.


Mozza And Dommy

Well done Kelli! ❤️


Emily Stallard

Great work Kel!


Jade Cohen


Vanessa Yeo

Great job Kel!! All the best 😁


Viet Le


Adam Stavretis


Marius Strydom


Chloe Yexley


Sammy James

Good on ya Kel! Girl Power! Xx


Kylie Newton

Well done Kelli, hope this helps towards your goal.


Gemma Moylan

You are amazing! All the best x


Russell James

You are awesome Kelli


Dhammika Gamage

Well done Kelli. Wish you the best to achieve it Let us know if you need any further support


Danielle Whiteley

Girl Power!!


Mylene Delos Reyes

Go girlfriend ... love your work


Teresa Hodges


Jayne Scriven

If only there were more people like you in this world! Amazing work, Kel!


Felicia & Brandon Austin

You are one inspirational soul! Love ya xx


Ivy Lim


Katie Smith


Sophie De Rossi

All the best Kel! Great to see you are back to AF-RICA to empower 👊


Thomas Sims


Darryl King

Great work helping others. Well done 👍


Kim Chamberlain


Rene Forsyth

Awesome work Girl! Keep kicking goals!


Wilmari Nel

Good luvk in reaching your target!