Monique Took

Unleashed Women 2018

Unleashed Women 2018

What would it be like to not know when your next meal would be, if you had no access to basic medical resources or clean water. What if you were deemed unworthy of an education, if you couldn’t read or write. Imagine if you were forced to marry under 16 years old and were abused for simply being a woman. You have no voice, no freedom of choice, no hope for your future or your children.

This is the reality for 815 million people living in hunger around the world with 60% of these being women.

But what if YOU could change this.

Until the 31st of September, I’m helping raise money to support the Hunger Project’s initiative to empower, educate and train these women in rural, remote communities across Africa, India and Bangladesh. Studies show that through the empowerment of these mothers, daughters and sisters it creates a movement of change in their families and their entire communities.

All it takes is a small value of kindness: that $5 for your coffee, the $10 for buying lunch out, or the money you would spend on that new item of clothing (even though it is half-price). These small amounts of our day-to-day may seem insignificant to us, but they can make a huge impact in these communities.

We have the opportunity to work towards something remarkable: the end of hunger.

I'm fundraising for Unleashed Women

I have joined Unleashed Women – a global movement of people empowering women to end hunger. Please make a tax deductible donation and help me reach my goal.

What impact will your donation have?

$25 could educate 20 mothers about locally available nutritious food they can feed their babies and prevent malnutrition.
$60 could provide one woman with a microfinance loan and financial literacy training so she can start a small business, earn an income and support her family.
$120 could train a local volunteer leader who will educate mothers about the importance of pre-natal care to ensure their babies are delivered safely.
$230 could train one Elected Woman in India to be an effective local council member and ban child marriage in her community.

Every dollar counts! Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Alanna Byriel

You go girl!!


Gary & Lisa Took

Very proud of you supporting this worthy cause.


Lynette Brisbane

Proud of you for standing up, and making a difference.


Monique Took


Carolyn Ellson


Carol Langridge

Well done 💕


Carmen Chatwin

Congratulations for raising money and awareness for such a worthwhile cause. We're so lucky as women being born in Australia.