Natalie Popow

Unleashed Women 2018

The Vamp team are fundraising for Unleashed Women

The Vamp team are getting Unleashed for the second time! 

We have been a charity partner of The Hunger Project for over a year now and share their vision that together we can empower women to change the world. 

Fostering creativity, leading with respect and being fearlessly authentic are key Vamp values and are also at the heart of the powerful Unleashed Women fundraising movement. 

This September will be the month of fundraising for the Vamp team. 

  1. Healthy competition: We’ll be doing some fun activities in the office with each department competing against each other raise the most amount of funds for Unleashed Women. 
  2. Blogger’s market: we will also be putting on a charity market stall at the Kirribilli markets on Saturday 22 September. We’ll be doing a clothing drive from our influencers, brands and teams. Everything we sell at the market will go to The Hunger Project. 
  3. Colour Run: a few of the sporty amongst us will be getting our lycra and sweat bands out to run our hearts out at Sydney’s Colour Run on October 7th. Funds we raise for the Colour Run will go to The Hunger Project.

*If you have any pre-loved clothing items, jewellery or even some beauty products that have never been used, you can contact us to organise a donation: 

About Vamp 

Vamp is a bespoke content and influencer marketing platform. Powered by best-in-class technology, we partner with the world’s best brands and influencers to deliver high-performing campaigns and authentic content at scale. 

At Vamp we believe in the power of social media to enact positive change and our Influencers have the influence to make their voices heard. They know how to captivate an audience, raise awareness about an issue and empower their audience to make a difference. 

Vamp Unleashed 2017 

Last year Vamp raised awareness and funds for the Unleashed Women campaign through the sale of limited edition Unleashed Women t-shirts. We sent the brief out on our influencer marketing platform and had nearly 100 influencers take part to help us raise money for The Hunger Project. 

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Marysia Popow

You go girl !




Angela Popow

Wishing you all the best with your run. Well done! It’s a really worthy cause. Lots of love.



Well done Natalie!! x


Your Fans!

Go Nat & Team VAMP - we love how you inspire others to empower women and make a global impact!