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Tara Donnelly

Unleashed Women 2017

Be my ally in unleashing women globally!

I invite you to be my ally in unleashing women globally!

I recently travelled to Senegal and met women leaders being trained by The Hunger Project - these are the women that I have in mind when fundraising right now!

Take Ndeye Ndiaye as one example. She said to me that after attending The Hunger Project's training, “I had my mind opened about leadership and my role at work and in entrepreneurship and that’s when I started thinking about my future.” Now, she employs her 3 brothers in her very successful tailoring business! She contributes her profits back to her family. And now she's looking beyond her personal success, and she has a vision to set up a big training centre where other local girls can learn tailoring so they can earn their own income too. For me she is the embodiment of leadership and transformation!

By contributing to my Unleashed Women fundraising, you unleash women like Ndeye to create a future free from hunger and poverty in their communities.

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Speed Daters!

Love is in the air! This is from speed dating tickets and raffle tickets.


Gerard Gooden

What an inspiring story!


Eileen Donnelly

Nyeye's story is very empowering! Happy fundraising.


Maryanne Crooks

Good luck Tara!! :)



Yay for you