The Butterfly Effect

CAMILLA's vision is bigger than fashion. It’s a vision with full heart that aims to empower and improve the lives of others. 

They believe that empowerment starts with education, which is why they've partnered with The Hunger Project to facilitate long lasting change for girls in Bihar, India. 

This initiative, called The Butterfly Effect, will create a brighter future for 1,000 young girls and their families in the Bihar community through education and training to end critical issues affecting their safety, freedom and livelihood. CAMILLA's key mission of the initiative includes ending child marriage, and delivering education and training on human rights, nutrition and sanitation for the young girls, aged 13 to 18. 

“During a trip to India a few years ago, I witnessed first-hand how some young women are mistreated and I now understand that with every dollar, guidance, education and support – we can help turn their lives around. My dream for CAMILLA is bigger than fashion. It’s about a full vision that helps empower girls and women by providing them with skills, education, purpose and a safe community,” says CAMILLA founder and owner Camilla Franks.

With dreams as big as this, CAMILLA needed to kickstart it to ensure the best infrastructure and mentors were in place. Through the sales of special edition scarves in CAMILLA boutiques across December and January, they generated $50,000, with 100% of all proceeds exclusively used to launch the initiative. 

This grassroots funding would not have been possible without the support of CAMILLA customers who have shared the journey with CAMILLA from day one. For this, CAMILLA and The Hunger Project are so thankful, as are the girls whose lives CAMILLA customers will help change. 

The next fundraising phase will be the biggest! As part of CAMILLA's Indian collection, The Long Way Home, CAMILLA has created a special print for The Hunger Project. For every piece of apparel and accessories from The Butterfly Effect print sold, 10% of profits will go towards funding The Hunger Project's adolescent girls program. CAMILLA's overall aim is to raise a combined contribution of $120,000 to invest in the bright future of participants in the program.

“The young women whose lives will be transformed through this program need a guiding light, they need the strength and guidance to dream about a brighter future. Together with our partners at The Hunger Project, they will be taught the value of their own human rights and the protection of their body and freedom. Every young woman in this world should be free to dream and hope, in a safe environment where she believes in her heart that a change is truly possible," says Camilla Franks.

India has a special place in CAMILLA's hearts. It is a place that they turn to inspiration, for spirituality, for craftsmanship and for family. Their hope is that they can help navigate positive change within communities that have changed their lives, too. 

You can shop The Butterfly Effect print here.

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Kylie Witham

You are an amazing inspirational woman. Well done to you and good luck.


Josie Kavaz

You’re amazing and inspiring to all small business owners . Hopefully one day we can follow in your footsteps and donate a lot more in order to educate and change the world for better 🙏🏼🦋


Karen Dinakis