zana ballantyne

Victorian Leadership Weekend

I have committed to fundraise $1,200 for The Hunger Project Australia as part of the Victorian Leadership Immersion Weekend.

I am really passionate about The Hunger Project because they see people living in hunger as the solution, not the problem. They focus on shifting the mindsets of women and men so they transform into leaders for the sustainable end of hunger. The Hunger Project breaks the cycle of top-down, aid-driven charity models that perpetuate the cycle of dependency to treating the cause, not the symptoms, in order to create an enabling environment for change.

Your tax-deductible donation will go a long way to empower The Hunger Project's village partners to enact change within their own communities to create a brighter future without hunger or poverty. I thank you for your support.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Michelle Murphy

You are such an inspiration! Thank you for all you do to support leaders everywhere ❤️


Christine Khor

You are amazing Zana.


Ln Consulting Australia Pty Ltd

Congrats on demonstrating your personal strength, courage and commitment to ending world poverty.


Kerri Parker

Super proud of you stepping out of your comfort zone and asking for what you want 💛 I hope you soak it all up!



Sometimes, stepping outside the comfort zone is powerful. I hope you can achieve your goal 😊


Adrian Wilson


James Chisholm

So good to see you take on this challenge Zana!



I love to support the causes you champion because it's always something that is filled with compassion and love


Nerida Howard


Mel Sherwood

This is a fabulous cause! Delighted to support ❤️


Shane Harris


Ange Zegir

Hope you have an amazing experience


Roy Mears

Best wishes and thanks for taking the time out to support important development for humanity, while working on your own development.


Sam Hughes

Good luck Zana!


Felicity Brown

Amazing growth opportunity. Well done!


Linda Vassallo

I'm your fan x


Dianne Flemington

Continue your journey to fearless and compassionate leadership. x